No words needed on this entry–the pictures do all the talking. Watching these kids grow more and more into themselves is about as awe-inspiring as it gets. And just to reassure you, yes you’ll see costumes, kid underwear, sand and beaches, birthday celebrations, pumpkins, and lots of love:

IMG_5514 IMG_5466 IMG_5370 IMG_5309 IMG_5222 IMG_5100 IMG_1471 IMG_1419 IMG_0863 (1) IMG_0778 IMG_0789 IMG_0863 IMG_1437 IMG_1475 IMG_5110 IMG_5224 IMG_5313 IMG_5374 IMG_5471 IMG_5516 IMG_5524 IMG_5478 IMG_5378 IMG_5331 IMG_5232 IMG_5140 IMG_4879 IMG_1451 IMG_0867 IMG_0825 (1) IMG_1379 IMG_1452 IMG_5075 IMG_5153 IMG_5257 IMG_5342 IMG_5400 IMG_5485 IMG_5494 IMG_5410 IMG_5357 IMG_5259 IMG_5184 IMG_5084 IMG_1458 IMG_1382 IMG_0827 IMG_0838 IMG_1390 IMG_1463 IMG_5090 IMG_5189 IMG_5271 IMG_5358 IMG_5450 IMG_5498 IMG_5506 IMG_5507 IMG_5451 IMG_5458 IMG_5361 IMG_5364 IMG_5281 IMG_5286 IMG_5197 IMG_5205 IMG_5093 IMG_5097 IMG_1467 IMG_1469 IMG_1412 IMG_1417 IMG_0842 IMG_0861