Some people have mother-in-law issues. If you just read this and groaned, you know what I’m talking about. And I totally feel for you.

But the thing is, I’ve never had that problem. I’ve been very blessed with an amazing mother-in-law. Literally from the first day I showed up in the Browns life as a know-it-all teenager, Margaret has shown and given me kindness and empathy and support. She welcomed me into her family and her life with open arms. She set the bar so incredibly high for her son, my now husband. Through her love for him, I saw how Sam had been raised, respected, and adored so immensely, and realized it would be my job to follow in that vein. With pleasure.

Her intellect is beyond compare, and I can’t even count the number of times I’d call Margaret to get her perspective on life’s daily issues (how can I go back to work with these babies? Take that job? Handle this altercation? The list goes on). Never one to push advice, she would always listen just perfectly, providing her own view that of course turned out be right.

Above all, she has loved my babies–her grand babies–beyond compare. She just gets them. Her DNA is right there nestled up into them. Especially my little Emme, so sweet and empathetic and calm and curious and smart. Emme reminds me of you, Margaret, in the best possible way. Happy birthday to you, my amazing mother-in-law. I love you.

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