I’m still swooning over my marble and light and new kitchen awesomeness, and I love that I can now watch my son from the kitchen area sitting in his chair in the dining room mashing watermelon in his hair. But I knew that we needed to dress down our kitchen reno a little bit. The major reason we took down the wall was so we could have greater access to the kids (plus, the new kitchen does look purty, no?). So I thought that they might like something for them.

Enter the wall. We threw a few coats of magnetic paint up there, followed by chalkboard paint, and voila. It’s pretty great. I can write down some dinner ideas for the week (it helps during these crazy post-work nights to just look up and see the reminder that yes, I have some semblance of a dinner plan) up at the top, and the wee sized kids can draw and write to their heart’s content while I chop and char. We haven’t done any touch ups yet (advice: the paint does in fact bleed through even heavy duty painter’s tape), but I love it. And I gotta hand it to the dude of the house–he painted his kegerator with chalkboard paint awhile back, and that was too rad of an idea to pass up.