Emme is such a wonderful little mystery to me. With features like a little porcelain doll, you’d think she would prance around town donning tutus, tiaras, and princess costumes. Instead, she’s obsessed with vampires, werewolfs, superheroes in general, and as of late, race car tracks. These are magical spaces. I don’t pretend to understand the plot line she develops as she builds tracks and lays cars out and disperses her mini Scooby Doo figurines throughout her made-up land. All the while she hums and sings in such a girly voice lyrics such as, “beauty and the beast fell into the scary forest, but the pirate caught the ghost so don’t cry now trala la. But don’t worry, I will be glad to help you, I am super hero girl here I come la la spooky forest crazy time.”

Does this have something to do with the fact that I may have shown her bits of Thriller at one point, thereby subjecting her to years of unnatural obsession with the spooky? Is it an epic mom fail or is it just Emme and who she is through and through?