Kitchen update: We are so excited: the kitchen isn’t quite done yet. We’ve got appliances to acquire, new flooring to (eventually) install, and a small countertop to add in, but man we’re happy so far.

When we bought the house we actually really loved the kitchen. For the most part. The previous owner had built and installed the cabinetry himself. And being ever so sentimental, I loved that about the home. That, and the purty crown molding the owner also had made and installed!

But as sweet as those cabinets were, the galley kitchen was about 2 feet big. And that damn wall separating the kitchen and the dining room felt like a prison for me, as I frantically tried talking my hungry kids down from the ledge during mealtimes while I was chopping and heating and stirring from behind the wall.

So, Sam and I decided to take that sucker down. We didn’t have a lot of moolah to spend, but we luckily got a great recommendation for a stellar contractor who helped us work with our (pitiful) budget to open up the space. And man it feels good. It’s wild how much a space can transform just by taking down a single wall. Time to break out the wine (oh woops, we already did!).