Sam and I have had a few road trips over the last several weeks. Sam is the cool dork who likes to listen to books on tape when we travel more than an hour in the car for any length of time. We’ve had some doozies, I’ll tell you that! But this time he picked wisely. Michael Lewis’ Home Game. Yes, the Michael Lewis who wrote Moneyball, which was later turned into a movie with Brad ‘pretty boy’ Pitt. It’s his account of parenting from a dude’s perspective, and it’s definitely worth a read for all my cool dads out there! Plus he and my wonderfully rad son share the same name: Lewis is a pretty cool one, no?

A few selected verses that really stuck out for me:

On the amazingly hard, beautiful thing that is parenting: If you want to feel the way you’re meant to feel about the new baby, you need to do the grunt work. It’s only in caring for a thing that you become attached to it.

On why we’re crazy to have more children: Memory loss is the key to human reproduction. If you remembered what new parenthood was actually like you wouldn’t go around lying to people about how wonderful it is, and you certainly wouldn’t ever do it twice.

On germs: School-aged children are the rats of our time.