Pay no attention to the (wo)man behind the curtain.

That’s me. And I do live in a wizard of oz kind of place, it’s just that my munchkins still have a few feet (hopefully) left to grow. But I am spending more and more time working from home in this little annex space just off our living room. It’s, well, to throw down a realtor term, cozy. As in, teeny. But I love it. It is one of my favorite places to hang out in, and my kids spend 50% of their indoor playtime in here, too, listening to songs or stories on the computer while coloring or busting out toys hidden inside the credenza. It could be worse, no?

We're off to see the wizard, via the living room...

My grandpa made that sailboat! It's my favorite thing ever.

I mean, I am in DC. Print from 1canoe2 letterpress on etsy

Office space.