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Yes, I love my husband. He’s kind and patient and romantic and funny as all get-out. He is one of the few out there who still believes in romance and unexpected flower deliveries. He loves me for quirky me, truly. And boy, I don’t know how he does it.

Hours before an unexpected engagement--back in the day!

Making it official

But I didn’t even really realize how much I loved him until I saw him as a dad. And when I did, well, game over. He’s just the absolute best.

Welcome Emmeline, it's your rad dad

The love look for his girl

The day before Colman made his appearance

Hello C-man!

Oh boy(s)

zz's with C

And here we are

And did you know that he courted me in much the same way??!: 

I love you Bort.

Bort + Bortina = Forever