I’m not going to sugar coat it. This weekend was a bit of a challenge for Colman. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time as a family, playing and getting out into the wonderful weather. We hosted a little happy hour with several couples and about 8 kids, went out for another date with some good friends (hell to the yes for babysitting co-ops), and got our cookin’ on. But Colman tried his hardest to be, well, just so…BOY. Throwing blocks at his sister’s head, pulling hair left and right, punching the dogs, screaming and doing his best Chinese dictator impression over and over and over and over…It was a lot.

So, naturally I was just a bit happy for Monday morning to roll around. I could drink coffee and scan the paper’s headlines unencumbered. Put my head down and get some research done. Feel like an adult for a few hours. But when my babysitter showed up at 8:15 with a fever, cough, and runny nose, I shot her the ultimate evil eye (heard of a phone call in advance, huh?!) and resigned myself to the fact that my companion for the day would be my lil’ Chinese dictator after all, not my laptop. Sigh.

That’s why our photographer’s email couldn’t have come at a better time. She has taken newborn shots of both Emme and Colman, and Cynthia Sambro-Rier had patiently waited for me to order the baby books (a year later!). She had just emailed me a few proofs, and immediately I back pedaled. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all, right? Seeing little toes and fingers, big blue eyes and delicious looking skin, I know that, eventually (I hope) these rants shall pass. And, dare I say it, I may even miss them???

Colman newborn pictures

Colman's toes

Emme baby pics. 'The Pout'

The maternity session

Emme in the Fall