I was finally able to connect with my grandma this week. It had been longer than usual since we last talked, and it was great to catch up. She gave me a little bit of useful advice, particularly pertinent right now as a few things are in flux.

Even though I’m not in touch with my grandma as much as I used to be (we are that kind of weird family–my sis and mom and I try to talk daily), she and my grandpa, who passed away many years ago, are constantly in my thoughts. My reminder is this painting she made, one of many of hers that used to hang in my grandparent’s home. I remember being a young girl (maybe 8 or 9) and just staring up at this barn and inventing entire stories along the way, of horses and wild children and adventures galore. And how lucky I feel now that I get to hang this in my home, for my daughter to view and invent for herself.

The dining room, with "Barn" on display

Grandma Rainy's barn