Move over Kevin Bacon, we’ve got a new leader in town.

We are big time Downton Abbey geek lovin’ in this house.  [Spoiler Alert!]

This week’s episode was off the chain: Mr Bates returns! Matthew punks Lady Mary and returns from war unscathed (again), during an a cappella performance no less!

But in preparing for the State of the Union Tonight, did you know that it was the Downton-era WWI president Woodrow Wilson who started the ball rolling in delivering the State of the Union address live before Congress? if you are already yawning and bored, just imagine the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s snide little side glances while listening to the SOTU and it should perk you right up.

So, this week I have been reading some SOTU’s, starting with Wilson’s War Message to Congress, which you can view in entirety here, and moving on to the top 10 speeches (who doesn’t love a top ten list?). For a rundown of the best, from Wilson to President Obama, check out this good piece.

Other things I’m reading:

  • Whoa, humungous solar storm to hit Earth today!
  • Divorcing your work husband can be hard. Here are some tips.
  • Very sweet piece on how quickly your baby turns into a nonbaby, and why you want to cherish those tiny fingers now.
  • Great New Yorker article on how Obama’s post-partisanship Presidency is going. As in, it isn’t really.
  • Beinvenido a Miami!