When you have a craving, it’s hard to get your mind to focus on anything else. For me, it was spaghetti and meatballs. So, one night recently I turned to Sam, batted my eyelashes profusely and smiled demurely while muttering meatballs over and over. Maybe he thought that was code for something else entirely, I’ve come to realize? I’ll just say that it was awkward.

BUT…it had the desired effect. Later that night, we feasted.

Sam Brown's Spicy Meatballs with a nice 2009 Llama Malbec

We largely followed the Smitten Kitchen recipe, which you can find here. True to form, however, we added in some crushed and fresh hot peppers to give it a bit more heat. I highly recommend it. Perfection.

I also managed to tape a demo of Sam preparing the meal.