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I am very into stripes. There, I said it. In my daily life I probably wear striped shirts twice a week. There is just something so effortless and classic about them.

I mean, if they work for Audrey, I think they’ll work for me (and the kids).









So when it came time to painting Emme and Colman’s playroom, I knew I wanted to stripe it up. And I got some further inspiration from these adorable and not too-grown up spaces.
















People (ahem: my painters, my realtor/friend) were skeptical, but I had a vision: dark, charcoal-y grey and white thick stripes, horizontal style. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get right, but looking at it now, it’s just perfect for us. Adds just a touch of style to the madness of the ever-expanding toy chest. Now to get to work on the rest of the space: a rug, lamps, (continuous) editing out of toys, etc.

p.s. for those interested in the large artwork of Emme as a baby, check out Fleur Anning’s work on Etsy. She is wonderful!