Back in August, we bought a home that fit our expanding family. After months (and months and months) of searching for a job in Denver, we succumbed to the reality of staying put in DC for awhile longer yet. We were at first crushed. And then, when we wrapped our heads around a new future, we realized life was pretty good. And it got better. When we started earnestly looking at real estate in DC (well, in Takoma Park), we were elated to find a place for sale merely two blocks from our current house. And it was, channeling Borat, very nice!

(Oh, that reminds me. One year Sam dressed as Borat, I think?? ). Anyway, he costumed himself in the following way):

Wait, now that I think of it, maybe he was going as Tom Sellek. But everyone just thought he was the dead dude from Weekend at Bernie’s. Convincing, right? But I digress. Back to the house. 

The very nice house-for-sale soon turned into our very own nice house. So so wonderful!
Happy family entering our home for the first time, coming prepared with toilet paper. Giddiness and fresh coats of paint can make one have to urinate!
In a moment of weakness, I did it. I bought the GusModern Jane Bi-Sectional Sofa. I’d been coveting this sexy beast for a few years now, inspired in part by this amazing space that had been featured on Design*Sponge awhile back:
So when GusModern announced they were having a big boom sale, we jumped on it. Our one true big new home splurge. And it has been worth every penny. I’ve got a thing for sectionals, and this slim fella is perfect for our slim house.
Apparently, the kids like it too.
The couch lasted a good twenty minutes
before we started messing it up with dog hair and cereal bars and crushed cheerios.
It fits our space so well…

…now, six months later, I love it just as much. Stains and all.